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Theydon Bois

Theydon Bois is a small village between Theydon Bois Church, JP Andre 1837
Epping and Loughton,surrounded by
forest land with a large village green. 
Its name comes from the family, de
Bosco (Bois), who held the manor in
the 12th and 13th centuries.  The road
to Theydon Bois through the forest was
an ideal spot for highwaymen.  In the
late 19th and early 20th centuries one
of the best known refreshment rooms
in Epping Forest, Riggs Retreat, was based here attracting many visitors on the train from London.  The primary school in the village is Theydon Bois Primary School.

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This view of St Mary's Church in Theydon Bois was painted by the artist James Paul Andre in 1837.  This shows the old church, thought to date back to the 12th century, which was pulled down in 1843.  The replacement church only lasted 6 years before problems with the building meant it had to be pulled down and built again.

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