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Waltham Abbey

Waltham Abbey has a long and important history. Waltham Abbey
In 1060 Harold Godwinson, later King Harold, rebuilt
and extended the existing church.  The church 
became an Abbey in 1184 but was dissolved by
Henry VIII in 1540. In 1253, King Henry III granted
Waltham the right to hold a market that still runs
today.  Gunpowder and other explosives have been
made here at the Gunpowder Mills since the 16th
century.  The primary schools in and around Waltham
Abbey are Hill House Primary School, Leverton
Infant and Junior School, Waltham Holy Cross
Infant and Junior School, and Upshire Primary School.

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This photograph from the Epping Forest District Museum collection shows the Abbey Church from Highbridge Street.

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